Elliot Jay Stocks is a designer, speaker, and author. He was previously the Creative Director of Adobe Typekit, and is now the co-founder of lifestyle magazine Lagom, the founder of typography magazine (and soon-to-be book) 8 Faces, and an electronic musician recording as Other Form.

A post-Brexit world

Posted on 27 June 2016 Comments

The UK woke up on Friday morning and everything had changed. Confounding belief, reason, and expert opinion, over half the voting population of the UK chose to leave the EU.

When my wife said, “bad news,” looking at her phone as I awoke, I assumed she must be talking about something else. Even though the Brexit had been almost the only thing we spoke about all day before going to bed, surely this had to be some other kind of disaster that had made the news. But no, it was the result we’d feared and yet had never assumed possible. Why would people choose to throw themselves (and the world) into a new financial crisis? Why would they choose to leave an organisation where they had one of the best seats at the table, with almost none of the downsides? Why would they ignore the warnings of world leaders, military experts, and senior economists? Why on earth would they side with Nigel Farage?

Seeing Farage’s gloating face on news sites that morning felt like we were living in an episode of Black Mirror. Surely this couldn’t actually be real life?

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